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How to use Chinese to say happy birthday

Published:2016-02-24 13:00 Views:
If you have a Chinese friend, at his birthday party, how are you going to use Chinese to greet him, said to him "happy birthday"
生日快乐 (shēnɡ rì kuài lè) is one of the most simple birthday wishes, can be used between friends, between peers. You can use Chinese to write on a birthday card this four word, it will appear very cordial.
福如东海,寿比南山(fú rú dōnɡ hǎi , shòu bǐ nán shān)It means: happiness as immense as the Eastern Sea, live as long as the southern mountain .It  is a Chinese style of birthday wishes, used in for the elderly birthday wishes  and it  can only be used in the older elderly birthday.