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Learn Mandarin in Shanghai

Mandarin Morning school, located beside Jingaan Temple, is an official test center of HSK test Shanghai. As one of the most famous Chinese schools in Shanghai, we provide Mandarin Chinese courses including listening, reading and writing for over 300 international students who learn Mandarin Chinese in Shanghai.

Taking Notes to Learn Chinese

Published:2014-08-01 13:27 Views:
Taking notes can help you learn Chinese more clearly and efficiently. It is also helpful for you to deepen your understanding on what you have learned and enhance your learning enthusiasm. If you are learning Chinese in a training school, it is considerable for you take notes when you are having Chinese class. Then what to take in your notes and how to make good notes?
What to take in your notes when learn Chinese? First, take the topic. There is always a topic in a class which is the guide and centre of a class. The topic can help you review your notes more conveniently. Second, take the key and difficult points. It is impossible to take all the learning points into your notes, instead, you should write down the key and difficult ones for you to better review after class. Third, take the typical example of grammar or sentence structure. There are some typical examples provided by the teacher in order to make students have a good understanding of the language points. Take these typical examples in your notes to better digest the important knowledge.
How to take good notes? Find out how to take notes in a way that is most helpful to you to better learn Chinese. Different people have different methods in taking notes. You must develop a method that suits your learning style and works best for you to take notes. You can use different colored pens to distinguish the important terms and use abbreviations instead of full sentences, due to the limited time of a class. Take your notes in your own unique words with abbreviations and symbols.