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Study Chinese – Polite Expressions

Published:2014-07-11 10:57 Views:
Polite Chinese expressions are useful in daily communication if you live in China. It is essential to learn some polite expressions in Chinese when you want to keep good relationship with your Chinese friends. Learning polite expressions is the important lesson for most Chinese learners to study Chinese.
For foreign learners who come to China for the first time, it is greatly useful to learn some common polite Chinese words and phrases, such as谢谢 xièxie - thank you, 不客气 bú kèqi - you're welcome, 对不起 duìbuqǐ - I'm sorry, 没关系 méi guānxi - that's all right. Thus they will know how to express their feelings in polite Chinese, for example, they can express their appreciation when someone is being helpful to them by saying “ 谢谢xièxie.”
Another common used Chinese polite expression is “辛苦了xīn kŭ le” – “You're working hard". This polite expression is often heard as the expression of praising someone. Depending on different situations, “xīn kŭ le” has different meanings. For example, if you tell your teacher “xīn kŭ le”, you are saying that your teacher is working hard at his or her teaching job. If others say “xīn kŭ le” to you, they may think you are working hard when you study Chinese and you will feel nice to hear such polite expressions.
Learning the polite expressions in Chinese also helps you practice your Mandarin pronunciation. You will learn more polite expressions from your Chinese friends when you communicate with them. Gradually, you will be able to respond to others’ gestures of politeness with polite expressions in Chinese. If you have interests to study Chinese, it is a good idea to begin with some Chinese polite expressions.