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Learn Mandarin in Shanghai

Mandarin Morning school, located beside Jingaan Temple, is an official test center of HSK test Shanghai. As one of the most famous Chinese schools in Shanghai, we provide Mandarin Chinese courses including listening, reading and writing for over 300 international students who learn Mandarin Chinese in Shanghai.

My Experience-Teach Mandarin in Shanghai

Published:2014-07-09 11:38 Views:
Chinese language teachers are those who simply teach Mandarin to foreigners. As a native speaker of Chinese teacher, teaching others their mother tongue this seems to be an easy thing to do. But when i really step into this circle and after joining the Mandarin Morning in Shanghai and become a qualified Chinese teacher, you will find it is far from what we think so simple.
    Teach Mandarin to foreign friends is different from learning from our traditional chinese subject, first of all, the most important thing we teach them is to enable students to master the skills of how to use the language to communicate with others, different teaching object and purpose will inevitably lead to different mathematical methods and means
our teaching are mostly young people, they already have the basis of native language. So we , mandarin teachers, should create a relaxed, enjoyable learning atmosphere to mobilize their enthusiasm and initiative of learning toward Mandarin.
     Images , game, situational interaction and many other kinds of teaching methods can be used in class to make the class become more active, interesting, and more productive. At the same time, in addition to teach Mandarin to foreigners, we should also increase the teaching Chinese culture be appropriately. When foreigners use Chinese in their daily lives to communicate with others,  different culture may make a lot of jokes, and produce some misunderstandings, so let the students know some Chinese culture is extremely necessary. As a Chinese Mandarin teacher who teach Mandarin in Mandarin Morning ,the relation between the students and you can be friends, too.